What is ‘quality’ coffee?


OAKVILLE BEAVER, October 14, 2011

Most of us are not experiencing the flavour of coffee at its best. The coffee we are accustomed to drinking is likely stale, possibly improperly brewed and usually has its bitter taste hidden by cream and sugar.

Jamie Cunningham invites Oakville residents to experience coffee at its finest. He shares his passion for the brew at Carvalho Coffee roasterie and store on Pacific Road. There are always at least two varieties of coffee brewed for customers to taste.

Quality coffee requires ideal climate and soil. The beans are divided into lots of varying quality. When choosing the beans that will be shipped to him in Oakville, he accepts only the best from the plantation where he was born and raised.

He compares coffee to wine with its different levels of quality – grand reserve, reserve and lesser quality wines like those sold for creating blends. 

Quality from the tree to the cup

As a coffee roaster, Jamie believes that the coffee also must be perfectly brewed to deliver the ultimate flavour. The coffee connoisseur advises that improper brewing can ruin even the finest coffee. But it is not difficult, if you visit him, he can teach you.

Freshness is also crucial. Jamie recommends purchasing small packages of coffee and grinding only as much as you will need for each brew. Coffee in unopened packages will stay fresh. Use only freshly ground beans and coffee should never taste bitter.

“The coffee flavour should be round in your mouth. It should have a sweetness. A lot people add cream or milk and sugar because it is bitter. I’m happy to have a lot of customers come in here who have never had coffee without cream and now can enjoy it without anything added,” Jamie attests.