Use coffee within a week or two


Coffee can’t be judged for freshness by its colour like some products. It always looks brown even if it’s a year old. In terms of freshness, says Gabriel, coffee should be compared with cake. You want to eat cake within a week and you want to brew coffee within a week of two of the package being opened. After the package is open, it begins to oxidize, and each day the quality gets lower.

At Carvalho Coffee, coffee is packaged in small 250 gram packages which can be used up quickly.

Carvalho Coffee is certified by UTZ Kapeh. . Award-winning Carvalho coffee scores high in quality as well as social and environmental standards.

It is not Fair Trade certified because the farm is too large fo their standards. “After all, it is fair trade when you are buying directly from the farmer”.

The community of about 200 people who live on the plantation, have many employees that were born there. The farm provides a school, church and doctor’s office as well as a regulation size soccer field where workers from other plantations come for matches.

Although Oakville is a world away from his coffee trees in Brazil, Gabriel is able to share a taste of his country through Carvalho Coffee.

Drop in and discover the flavours of the best coffee Brazil has to offer.