Keep coffee brewing simple


We are often asked about coffee machines and which is the best.

He recommends a simple inverted cone that fits on top of the pot and holds a filter. He shows his customers how to brew delicious coffee. He suggests that average quality coffee that is well brewed could possibly taste better than good quality coffee brewed badly. It’s also important to demonstrate how to grind coffee so that there is no powder, which clogs the filter and restricts the flow of water. This means the coffee is brewing too slowly, causing over-extraction, and resulting in a bitter brew.

We sell a good quality plastic cone for $7 and also has glass and ceramic cones available.

Personal taste will dictate whether he sells a customer light, medium or dark roast. For the uncommitted, he will brew a selection so that they can compare. He sells more medium dark, with its nutty chocolate undertones.

Amazingly, the difference between the more fruity medium roast, and the medium dark roast, is just one more minute in the roaster.